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As the owner of a small- or mid-size business, you may wonder if your company’s retirement plan is providing the best options for you and your employees. Connecticut Capital Management Group specializes in evaluating 401(k) plans, profit-sharing plans and defined benefit plans. Our goal is to help you put in place the best plan to serve your needs and the needs of your employees.

We look for opportunities to improve your retirement plan in the areas of investment options, employee communication and education, vendor management and fees, and the selection and monitoring of fund managers and investment strategies. Our services include:

Fee Benchmarking and Vendor Searches

You’ll receive comprehensive reports that balance services, investments and fees for a thorough perspective.

Investment Analysis

You’ll benefit from an improved process to monitor and evaluate fund managers and investment strategies. We recommend fund additions, deletions and replacements, and implement an investment review process to enhance investment opportunities, manage and control risk, and reduce exposure to fiduciary liability.

Education and Communication

You’ll receive practice-consulting solutions that are comprehensive, compelling and technically proficient. As a result, participants are better informed about asset allocation and risk tolerance, and most importantly, better prepared for retirement.

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